Sent by Hassan Khan - Booked in November 2018 - Villa Azra 

“I had booked Villa Azra for my wife’s birthday and travelled there from UK with her and my 2 children (age 3 and 1). This was my first time using AirBnB so I was not sure what to expect. Host. Sulayman was in contact with me as soon as I had booked the Villa and was very good at replying to any questions I had. The villa did not have an address (I believe Turkey doesn’t have the same format of addresses as we do in the UK) but was able to provide a very detailed explanation on how to get there. He even spoke to our taxi driver and explained to him how to get to the villa and it was very easy to find. I think it would be beneficial to book airport transfer through him. Upon arrival, Sulayman had provided milk, water, tea and coffee (he was aware I was travelling with children) and this was a major help. He was very welcoming and gave a tour of the villa and explained the location and where we could find local amenities. He was extremely helpful throughout the stay, he managed to sort out a hire car for an excellent rate with two child car seats included, I requested to order some take away to the villa and he had that organised and he was either there himself to address any questions I had or his cousin was available at any time of day/night which gave us peace of mind and made the stay stress free. I would like to thank him for making the stay so easy for us and I would love to stay at any of his villa’s again. His level of hospitality has set a very high standard for any future Air BnB properties I book in the future. Location. (Please note the timings below include pushing one child in a pushchair who doesn’t necessarily want to be strapped into a pushchair and attempting to walk with another one who likes to stop every few steps to look at rocks and stones on the floor so may be quicker for adults on their own) There is a local supermarket/corner shop where you can buy most household items less than 5 minutes’ walk from the villa and is open until 2am. The beach is around 5-7 minute walk from the villa but there are many routes to get there. It is a stone beach (Calis beach) but further up there are smaller stones which feel like sand under your feet. We went in November so were expecting it to be cold, however, my 3 year old was splashing in the water and did not feel cold at all. Along the beach is a strip of restaurants where you can dine whilst watching the sunset. This place was a lot prettier than we had anticipated. There is a crossroads around 10 minute walk away which leads up to the main entrance to the beach and on this strip of road there are many restaurants and cafes. The main town centre is 15 minute drive away and you can find more restaurants and shops here. There is a park less than 10 minutes’ drive away and this park in unbelievable (Fethiye Sehit). It has two massive playgrounds for kids as well as space for adults to just sit on the water front. There are hammocks available, stands with sandwiches, water features, backdrops for amazing pictures - I would highly recommend visiting this park especially in the late evening. There is an aqua park 5 minute drive from the villa but as we went in off-peak season it was closed. Villa. The villa was very clean and to a high standard. It came with washing machine (which became very useful), dish washer, fridge freezer, kettle & microwave, cooking utensils, AC in all rooms, en-suites with hot showers, pool table, table tennis and most importantly a heated swimming pool. The swimming pool was always heated, for whenever we wanted to go for a swim (there was no need to wait for it to get heated) and the average temperature of the water was around 30degrees. Some air bed floats were provided which came in handy trying to teach our 3 year old how to swim, unsuccessfully. We were concerned about the swimming pool and what the access to it was like with little children. There is a metal bar which stops access to the pool (and balconies) so it is not easy for anyone to go out without that being removed. The bars are pure metal so not easy to lift and can be heard when they are being moved but would still recommended keeping on any kids around the door. The balcony on the third floor which was the main room (in which all four of us ended up sleeping) has views of the surrounding mountains, local houses and a mosque within view. It was a great back drop to some of the pictures we were able to take. There was some construction work that was going on near the villa as the area appeared to be going through some development work but in all honesty this was not noticed by us at all. Even on the days we stayed in the villa, there wasn’t any noise noticed by us. Overall. I would like to request Sulayman to venture into other countries and open up villas there so that I can holiday again next year with peace of mind that the stay will be smooth and the place will be clean. You have honestly set a very high standard for Air BnB and I would definitely use his villa and services again. Sulayman, thank you for making our first real family holiday such a memorable one!

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