There are a lot of rental companies that do what we do. They share the same way to advertise and get bookings but our guests choose us to get personal service from the first the booking step until you arrive back at your home. At Smans Villas we believe in treating other people like we want to be treated: with friendliness, patience and respect. We believe that Turkey is one of the most beautiful places in the world and that it's an honour for us to connect, encourage and inform you for your one of best holiday ever.
We believe in being more creative that we need to be and having fun while we're at it. We listen and we design all the villas with your shared experiences with us.
Because of Covid you probably worry to book and spend your money but you can be sure that we offer you free date change to another date in same year or next year or if you can not make it happy to refund your money back, All we need is your flight cancellation confirmation.
To be genuine, be vulnerable.
Distil to the meaningful and balanced.

Do what you love.

Take risks and embrace where they take you.
Exercise a nuanced, articulate understanding.
Dwell on the good.

We do have resort staff in case of any help or suggestions locally. 24 / 7 WhatsApp support line.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask, we are always here to answer or help you.

Suleyman Akcil